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Mp3 2 MiniDisc "PluginSDK" released
You can now download the Mp3 2 MiniDisc PluginSDK by selecting "PluginSDK" in the menu. The "PluginSDK" is simply a little "template" on how to make a Mp3 2 MiniDisc Decoder / Playing plugin. This first release is very simple, but more info will follow in the next update. This should however be enough to get some out of it ;)

Written by Tor-Helge Persett, 03.23.2003
Mp3 2 MiniDisc 1.30 released.
Finally, after lots of problem with win98, Mp3 2 MiniDisc v1.30 is released. This new version includes several improvements. The program no longer use MS Media Player as default player for mp3 files. Instead it has plugins-support. This makes it possible for the program to support whatever fileformat more easily. Plugin "SDK" (or whatever you would like to call it) will be available soon.

Other new features is support for Winamp3 XML Playlists, XP-Theme support, 0 second gap, full ID3v1 support. It will also disable your "windows-sounds" during copying. Plus more ;)

[ Download Mp3 2 MiniDisc v1.30 ]

Written by Tor-Helge Persett, 10.19.2002
Mp3 2 MiniDisc v1.30 to be released soon.

Hopefully Mp3 2 MiniDisc 1.30 will be released sometime next week. The new version will include support for "decoder" / player plugins, which means that the program no more is locked to the Windows Media Player decoder and formats. The program will also support a gap of 0 seconds as well as Winamp3 XML Playlists. XP-Themes support is also added. Think there was some more... but don't remember now ;D

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Release of new version delayed 1 week from today.
Beta version is ready, and will be sent to testers soon.

Program seems finished... only betatesting and new help files remain.
Release was delayed even more because of some other improvements that had to be made.
Hope to release the new version soon ;D

As you may have noticed, there hasn't been any new version jet :/ I have experienced huge problems running the program in Windows 98 (the program crash with kernel error etc..). I have spent hours searching the net to find a solution for this very strange problem. I still haven't found it, but I'm hoping to find it. I may release the beta version soon, but haven't decided what to do jet. More info will follow.

Written by Tor-Helge Persett, 08.11.2002
Mp3 2 MiniDisc v1.25 in Spanish PcWorld.

In the december edition of IDG PcWorld in Spain you will find Mp3 2 MiniDisc included on the "Sonido Digital" (in english something like "Digital Sound" i think !) CD-Rom. PcWorld in spain wanted to provide their readers with programs realated to Digital Sound "prosessing", and found the Mp3 2 MiniDisc program interesting. I therefore gave my permission to include the program on their CD-Rom.

The program have also been included in two magazines from Malaysia, but I have never got a copy of those send home to me.

By the way, a new version of Mp3 2 MiniDisc will soon be released (I hope). The upgrade will contain some fixes of minor problems, and some functions suggested by people sending "bug-reports and mail to me" :) It will also have support for the new Windows XP themes.

Written by Tor-Helge Persett, 02.01.2002
Version 1.25 released.
Finally Mp3 2 MiniDisc v1.25 is released. This new version will include support for some optical-out supporting soundcards (Have a look in the optical-info section for a list with supported and not-supported cards).

Also improvements to the Labelmaker have been made. You can now select what font you want to use, and you will see a preview of your label before you decide whether to print it or not +++. The preferences dialog has been redesigned and the program's design has been improved. Also A CDDB function has been added to the Labelmaker.

Other noticeable changes is that you know can choose to have a custom picture in the background. If someone makes a "skin", please tell me, and I will make it possible to download it from this webpage.

Download Mp3 2 MiniDisc today :)

Written by Tor-Helge Persett, 08.23.2001
Finally listed at CNet -
After 1/2 a year Mp3 2 MiniDisc got listed at This is a very important "step" for the program. Now we (hopefully) will get more users of our software, as more people will find it :). All you others... standby as it is not many weeks until a new version of Mp3 2 MiniDisc will be released. This version will include several updates to the MD-Labelmaker, and also other improvements !

In the meanwhile, have a look at the article at Cnet here.

Written by Tor-Helge Persett, 07.07.2001