Mp3 2 MiniDisc - Copying music to your MD has never been easier !

The latest version of Mp3 2 MiniDisc is 1.30.

Mp3 2 MiniDisc is a must have program when you want to copy music from your PC to your MiniDisc. It automaticly adds some seconds of silence between each track, your MD will recognize this and continue at the next track. In this way you prevent your Disc from beeing just one looong track (!). In additon to this the program supports Mp3's ID3, M3U / Winamp3 XML Playlists and a function that makes it possible to remove som seconds of the end of the tune as well as adding fades to the song. You can also choose between three different looks / skins.

The program also includes a MD-Labelmaker. You just have to click one button to get a MD Label for your Disc. With one button you can simply include your already existing Playlist, and skip the boring: "write it all in" thing ! It is also possible to manually add, edit and delete entries in your list, as well as saving your list for later use ! In addition to this you have the possibility to import a existing m3u playlist directly into the Labelmaker. You can also import a CD's titles using CDDB.

Another feature is the ID3 Tag editor. Now you can simply write, edit and delete MP3's ID3's. This could be very useful, because you don't have to open another program to do this common (?) thing !

The program can also disable "windows-sounds" during the copying prosess. This makes it possible to work with other programs (like Word etc.) while copying music.

Please have a look at these screenshots:

[ Screen 1 ] [ Screen 2 ] [ Screen 3 ] [ Screen 4 ] [ Screen 5 ] [ Screen 6 ]

This program is freeware. It's tested and runs under Win 9x, Me, Win2000 (SP2 or later (?)) and WinXP (Professional, build 2495 and later).

To download, click here to go to the download page.